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  • Increases and maintains healthy free testosterone levels when used with resistance training*
  • Clinical study participants reported that the natural, plant based key ingredient in Vitali-T-Aid promotes healthy libido & with resistance training, promotes increased muscle mass*
  • Clinical study participants reported that the natural, plant based key ingredient in Vitali-T-Aid supports healthy erectile functions*
  • Drug free
  • Natural

coupleAre you Looking to Help Boost your Sex Drive?
Let’s face it, testosterone is one of the hormones that makes men, men. Testosterone affects many functions of the male body, one of the most noticeable being sex drive or healthy libido.*

Why Testosterone is Important
Testosterone is a critical hormone produced in men and is responsible for inducing and maintaining male sex characteristics such as sex drive.*
Free testosterone is testosterone found in the blood stream that is bio-available, and it represents between one to four percent of the total amount of testosterone in a man’s body.* It is called “free” because it is not bound to any substance or another hormone in the performance of a specific function and is therefore available for use as it is needed in the body.*

Are you Looking to Help Boost Free Testosterone?
With resistance training, Vitali-T-Aid® is a solution for supporting free testosterone levels. Study participants taking Testofen, the natural, plant based key ingredient in Vitali-T-Aid, also reported improvement in sexual desire and performance and, with resistance training, increased muscle mass naturally.*

Clinically Studied Ingredient
The natural, plant based key ingredient in Vitali-T-Aid® was shown in two double-blind, placebo controlled, human clinical studies, along with resistance training, to be a safe and effective way to help significantly boost free testosterone levels and, as reported by study participants, increase libido, arousal and performance, over an eight week period.*

Directions: Men take two (2) capsules daily on an empty stomach with a full glass of water.

WARNING: If you are taking any medications, consult with your physician before taking this product. Discontinue use and consult your physician if you experience any adverse reactions. This product should not be taken by women. In particular, those women who are pregnant, lactating or trying to become pregnant. Close tightly and store in a dry place at room temperature. Do not use if imprinted seal under bottle cap is broken or missing. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Testofen® and fenusides are a registered trademark of Gencor Nutrients.