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Jim Shaffer

Jim Shaffer starting using Vitali-T-Aid after he was used as a model for one of our advertisements. As part of his compensation for letting us use his likeness, we provided Mr. Shaffer with an ongoing supply of Vitali-T-Aid at no charge to him. Since then, he has been updating us regularly with respect to the results he has seen and has given us a review of the product. His story can be found below:

“I started taking Vitali-T-Aid Oct. 9, 2010 to try to build more lean muscle. Being in my 70s I was skeptical that it would be possible. I have been doing bodybuilding competitions since 2004, my first at the age of 68. To my surprise and delight I am stronger than last year at this time. This must mean I have more lean muscle.

I receive many comments from the people at my gym noting an increase in muscle size. The proof is in the lifting, though. I turned 75 and have not reached a plateau. The increase in libido and energy are nice extras.

I am now 81 and getting ready to compete again at the Europa Bodybuilding Expo in Orlando, Florida, May 20.

I maintain a bodyweight of 160 at 5’8”. I bench 180 after recovering from a torn rotator without surgery. Besides Whey protein it is the only product I take. But I take it religiously, 2 capsules daily as per dosage recommendations, and have since 2010. I can’t say enough about how important Vitali-T-Aid is to me. I recommend it to my friends without hesitation.”

Jim Shaffer
De Bary, FL.